Greenland Kayaking

There is growing interest across the world - and within our club! - in the Traditional kayak skills used by Inuit Peoples of Greenland.

A Greenland paddle will give you energy efficiency - great for distance at sea.

They are less stressful on the paddlers joints and the Standard Greenland Roll is about body rotation and floatation and does not require upper body strength or muscle power. It is ideal for women and older paddlers taking up kayaking but obviously a good technique for anyone to learn.

Use of Greenland paddles is growing. A number of regular paddlers at Haverfordwest Kayak Club use Greenland paddles exclusively with others using them for skills practice. Our experience is that it is easier to achieve the Greenland roll than other rolls but the Greenland rolling techniques are easily transferable to whichever paddle you choose.

You’ll spot those of us paddling with Greenland sticks - long (generally wooden) narrow paddles. Please feel free to ask any of us about them and why we choose them.  If you’re interested in having a go with a Greenland paddle or learning a Greenland roll, you would be welcome.

For excellent DVDs on Greenland rolling:

Kayakways (Cheri Perry and Turner Wilson - intentionally renowned Greenland coaches who some of us have had the privilege to be coached by)

Qajaqrolls (Chris Crowhurst - excellent Rolling with Sticks® DVD and sketches)

Facebook How We Roll (these are our the coaches for our Greenland weekends)

An article on Greenland paddling techniques

If you want to build your own kayak, or just have a look at what’s involved Chris Crowhurst and his father, Nick offer free kayak designs to download.  If you would like to see one of their kayaks, Mike has built one ~ the Vember.


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