Sea Kayaking

Pembrokeshire offers some of the best sea kayaking in the UK with endless options to paddle beautiful coastlines as well as the extensive calmer Cleddau estuary. For the adventurous there are islands, strong tides and Atlantic swell which combine with our frequent blustery conditions to make some very challenging conditions. Haverfordwest kayak club explore our whole area in a range of moderate and advanced sea paddling conditions. (Due to the strong tides all sea trips in Pembrokeshire require careful planning).

Kayak Manufactures: (Main ones)

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HWKC Library Books:

Sea Kayak Navigation by Franco Ferrero. The original is a pamphlet book, tells you exactly what you need to know, no waffle.

Sea Kayak A Manual for Intermediate & Advanced Sea Kayakers, by Gordon Brown. Written by a Level 5 coach who has paddled all his life in Scotland. No non-sense, nicely written guide to the whole sport of sea kayaking, great photos.

Sea Guide to the Pembrokeshire Coastline by Tom Bennett. Contains very good generally accurate diagrams showing local tidal flows around Pembrokeshire.

The Essential Sea Kayaker: David Seidman

Sea Kayaking: Nigel Foster

Welsh Sea Kayaking, 50 great sea kayaking voyages: Jim Krawiecki & Andy Biggs

Sea Kayak Rescues: Roger Schumann & Jan Shriner

South West Sea Kayaking: Isle of Wight to the Severn Estuary by Mark Rainsley

Reeds Small Craft Almanac 2014

Trips & Events

Trips this July

Sea Skomer on 2nd July 2024

 Sea kayak skills on 4th July 2024

Sea Broad Haven Triathlon on 6th July 2024

Sea Pwllgwaelod on 9th July 2024