Insurance and Leading Events

Third Party Insurance

All members of the club MUST be either "On the Water" or "Club Associate" members of Canoe Wales. This ensures that all members have third party liability insurance whilst participating in official club trips. Official club trips will be posted on this Website. Trips organised by any other means are NOT club trips. This insurance will cover third party property liability however there is a large excess.

"On the Water" membership extends the third party cover to kayaking/canoeing activities outside the club.

The Canoe Wales third party insurance also covers Coaches and Leaders with current qualifications whilst coaching and leading on an amateur basis.

The club is also insured third party through the above policy.

This information is for guidance only and may be out of date: Full details please click here

Boat and Paddle Insurance

If your equipment is valuable then we would advise you consider insuring it. The club cannot accept any liability for personal equipment whilst on club trips.

Canoe Wales have negotiated special rates for one insurance company, please click the above link for information. The British Canoe union have used Towergate Insurance.

Personal Accident Insurance

We advise that if you have any personal accident or life insurance you check your policy covers the activities you would like to take part in.