Club night 3rd August 2021

Type of trip: Sea
Level: Sheltered/Moderate
Paddler Level: All

Meet at:St Brides Meeting time: 1900

Briefing and Launch time:1915 (*Please note that it will be at the discretion of the trip leader as to whether or not any member who has not signed up and not attended the safety briefing is allowed to participate in this trip.)

Estimated Duration: 2hrs

Outline plan: Rock hopping. Meet at the container at 1815 if you need club kit

Expected condtions: SW F2 MHHW 1510

Organiser: Rich Tel. 07817459568 email:

Already signed up for this:

Samantha Green Tel. 079681702890 email  CW Yes
Rob Leatham Tel. 01437532574 email  CW Yes
Annette Edwards Tel. 07860804827 email  CW Yes
Kit required: Full kit including kayak and left handled paddle please
Steve Tel. 07807992124 email  CW Yes
Aileen Tel. 0143789699 email  CW Yes
Stuart Coulson Tel. 014737767251 email  CW Yes
Jane Douglas Tel. 07969900151 email  CW Yes
Kit required: left hand paddle. Kayak
Eva Darlington Tel. 07969900151 email  CW Yes
Kit required: All kit please. Blue dagger 8.0; Blue Palm Helmet; XS/S buoyancy aid;yellow spray deck;right hand paddle
Shawn Tel. 07506151392 email  CW Yes
Charlie Leonard Tel. 07956835785 email  CW Yes
Kit required: Beginner, kayak and spraydeck please. Thank you.
Helen Page Tel. 07826194241 email  CW Yes
Kit required: Full kit please, large vest, medium helmet, right hand paddle.
Sue Lake Tel. 07779762048 email  CW Yes
Chris Russell Tel. 07855907346 email  CW Yes
MikeT Tel. 07584 245 563 email  CW Yes
Iwan Brew Tel. 07877053464 email  CW Yes
Amy Tim and Esmie Pollard Tel. email  CW Yes
Kit required: 3 paddlers, all kit, BeginnersSigned up by MikeT
Neil Kingsnorth and family Tel. email  CW Yes
Kit required: 3 paddlers, all kit, Beginners. Signed up by MikeT
Brook Tel. 07780652309 email   CW Yes
Lisa Roblin Tel. 07979 328 233 email  CW Yes
Kit required: Yes
Julie Layton Tel. 07477962865 email  CW Yes
Max Findlay Tel. 07790006816 email  CW Yes
Kit required: Boat, paddle, spray deck please.
John Tel. 01348 881646 email  CW Yes
Freddy Jay Morris Tel. 07855555026 email  CW Yes
Kit required: kayak, spray deck, paddle :)
Catherine Coulson Tel. 01437767251 email  CW Yes
Peter Sedgwick Tel. 07929718199 email  CW Yes
Tom Roch Tel. 07792965012 email  CW Yes
Phil Davies Tel. 07974119901 email  CW Yes