Dale 8th June 2021

Type of trip: Sea
Level: Very Sheltered
Paddler Level: Beginner/Intermediat

Meet at:Dale Meeting time: 18.45

Briefing and Launch time:19.00 (*Please note that it will be at the discretion of the trip leader as to whether or not any member who has not signed up and not attended the safety briefing is allowed to participate in this trip.)

Estimated Duration: 2

Outline plan: Introduction to sea kayak. Sea trip for more experienced, depending on coaches. Meet at container 18.00 if passing to help load kit. Please state what kit and size you require.

Expected condtions: Wind N/W force 3 M/H H/W 18.10 6.3m

Organiser: Brook Tel. 07780652309 email: brookgardner78@googlemail.com

Already signed up for this:

Heather Smith Tel. 07540566442 email msheathersmith@gmail.com  CW Yes
Kit required: Need to collect my boat from stores
Rich Tel. 07817459568 email Richard_lawrence@hotmail.co.uk  CW Yes
Dean Evans Tel. 07918111988 email evs_bud@hotmail.com  CW Yes
Aileen Tel. 01437890699 email saundeaile@aol.com  CW Yes
Kit required: No kit
Aileen Tel. 01437890699 email saundeaile@aol.com  CW Yes
Kit required: No kit
Rob Leatham Tel. 07906075172 email robleatham64@gmail.com  CW Yes
Sarah S Tel. 07879 660890 email sarahstorrow@gmail.com  CW Yes
Sally Reeves Tel. 01437732818 email sar@pen-yr-allt.co.uk  CW Yes
Susan Barnett Tel. 07768772463 email susanbar5.sb@gmail.com   CW Yes
Kit required: No kit needed, thanks.
Eva Darlington Tel. 07969900151 email bluesea22@pm.me  CW Yes
Kit required: Youth beginner. All kit please. Blue dagger 8.0; Blue Palm Helmet; XS/S buoyancy aid;yellow spray deck;right hand paddle
Jane Douglas Tel. 07969900151 email bluesea22@pm.me  CW Yes
Kit required: Beginner. All kit please; Blue Palm Helmet; L buoyancy aid;yellow spray deck;LEFT hand paddle
Charlie Leonard Tel. 07956835785 email Denise.leonard@uwtsd.ac.uk  CW Yes
Kit required: Beginner. Axiom kayak and spraydeck please.
Helen Page Tel. 07826194241 email helenpage44@hotmail.co.uk  CW Yes
Kit required: All kit please. Large jacket, medium helmet, right-handed paddle.
Annette Edwards Tel. 07860804827 email annetteedwards35@gmail.com  CW Yes
Kit required: All kit please. Kayak. Left handled paddle. Spray deck. Helmet.
Steve Tel. 07807992124 email sjc363@protonmail.com  CW Yes
Chris Russell Tel. 07855907346 email abcrussell@live.co.uk  CW Yes
Kate Bent Tel. 07791387185 email Kate.whittaker89@gmail.com  CW Yes
AIDAN WINCHETER Tel. 07816013518 email chantalwinchester@hotmail.co.uk  CW Yes
Kit required: kayak spray deck left hand paddle and helmet
Max Findlay Tel. 07790006816 email angus003@gmail.com  CW Yes
Kit required: Beginner: Small Boat/Deck/Paddle
John Fisher Tel. 01348891686 email johnfisher2017@btintetnet.com  CW Yes
Kit required: Beginner. Will bring own sit on top and kit.
Tom Tel. 07792965012 email tomroch61@hotmail.co.uk  CW Yes
Kit required: no kit required
Freddy Morris Tel. 07855555026 email skeateness@hotmail.com  CW Yes
Kit required: small kayak
sam storrow Tel. 07796621535 email samuelstorrow@gmail.com  CW Yes
Kit required: No kit meeded
Stuart Coulson Tel. 01437767251 email stuart.kayak@outlook.com  CW Yes
Peter Sedgwick Tel. 07929718199 email petesedg@hotmail.com  CW Yes
Mike T Tel. 07584245563 email mike@mtdtidfs.plus.com  CW Yes